Aura Home’s principal strength is based on the expertise of management, staff and factory. Our exceptional organizational skills, and the professionalism our clients seek in support of their businesses. We believe in building solid partnerships with our clients that outlast many changing faces of our industry. One of our main directives is providing a reliable support to our clients, keeping communication lines open and offering new and workable suggestions to streamline your development and production needs. Aura Home has a business model in place which differentiates us from our competition.
The key to our success is our technical expertise, from product development and design, offering an ongoing supply of innovative fabrics and new developments above and beyond anything that has ever come out in soft furnishings market.

Our versatile hands-on management approach, allows us to monitor the pre-production and production processes and into shipping and final receipt of goods. We maintain excellent communication from initial sampling to production and quality control, continually maintaining compliance with industry standards and our customer’s guidelines and expectations.

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